Lacrosse workouts

Do you love to play lacrosse?

If you’re serious about your lax game and are ready to take it to the next level – you need to train like the pros and take the right performance supplements. Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport which requires speed, agility, endurance, strength, and enhancement pills.


 Essential Lacrosse-Specific Workouts for True Lax Rats

Lacrosse is both mentally demanding and physically exhausting. Lax rats need to develop their strength, conditioning, speed, supplements, and power just to be fit enough to play the game. So if you’re not doing a lacrosse-specific comprehensive workout routine, you probably aren’t bringing your A game.

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Workout Routines You Should Include in Your Lax Training

Here’s what you need to work on for your lax-specific workout:

  • Muscular strength. For high-velocity shots, you’ll need to develop your lats and triceps. For optimum muscular strength, you should also develop your lower back, lower body, and abs. The best exercises for this include single-leg hamstring bridges, lateral lungers, and straight-leg abs.
  • Power. You’ll need to have explosive power in order to effectively and efficiently sprint, jump, and shoot when you’re playing lax. Lateral line jumps and split squat jumps help build power in your legs and hips.
  • Conditioning and speed. Your body needs to be well-conditioned in order for you to last an hour on the field. To increase your speed and improve your condition, you should include pyramid run drills, 60-meter sprints, and sprints-for-time.


Strength Conditioning

To keep up with the competition you need a strength and conditioning program that delivers results. That means strength training, plyometrics, and speed/agility drills.

In the past you had to hire a private strength coach to create your workouts and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. But those days are over.

Exercises for Lacrosse Players : Exercise & Workout Tips

Lacrosse video from Live Strong

Lax Workouts is the only resource in the world filled with a full year of lacrosse-specific workouts created exclusively for serious lacrosse players who want to take their game to the next level.

Benefits of Lacrosse Training:

  • Strength training
  • foot speed
  •  plyometrics

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